Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Superfudge Discussion Questions

After reading Superfudge, answer the following discussion questions:

1. In what ways does the year in New Jersey affect each member of the family?

2. With a little brother like Fudge hogging the spotlight, Peter feels insignificant. Have you ever felt like "nothing"? Share a time that you felt unimportant and how you snapped out of that feeling.

3. What does Peter think of Tootsie's nickname? Do you think it fits her?

4. What is unique about Uncle Feather? Do you have a pet? Have you taught it tricks?

5. What do you think it would be like to grow up in Judy Blume's family?

If you liked Superfudge, try the other books in the series:

1. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
2. Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great
3. Superfudge
4. Fudge-a-mania
5. Double Fudge

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