Saturday, August 13, 2011

Where the Sidewalk Ends Discussion Questions

After reading Where the Sidewalk Ends, answer the following discussion questions:
1. Do you think poetry has to rhyme?
2. Do you think poetry has to be in a specific form? Check out Lazy Jane which has one word per line. Is this poetry?
3. Check out The Fourth. Why does Shel Silverstein capitalize words like CRASH, BANG, and ZANG?
4. Which was your favorite poem?
5. What makes good poetry?
6. Do you think the pictures added to the poetry? Do you think that the poems would be as funny without the illustrations?
If you liked Where the Sidewalk Ends, try its sequel: A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein.

Ivy + Bean Discussion Questions

After you have read Ivy + Bean, answer the following discussion questions:
1. Are you more like Ivy or Bean?
2. Why did the girls become such good friends?
3. Do you have to be similar to someone to be friends with them?
4. What is Ivy's room like? Does she collect anything? What is special about your bedroom?
5. Bean and Nancy fight a lot. Do you think this is normal? Why or why not?
6. Did the "spell" work the way you expected? What other spells might Ivy and Bean try in the future?
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7. Ivy + Bean What's the Big Idea

The View from Saturday Discussion Questions

After you have read The View from Saturday, answer the following discussion questions:
1. Why is "The Souls" a good name for the team?
2. What type of person is Hamilton Knapp? Would you want him for a friend?
3. What qualities make up a good team? Do you think "The Souls" are a good team?
4. How does Mrs. Olinski become a "Soul" herself?
5. There are times in life when you have to take risks to be successful. How do "The Souls" and Mrs. Olinski demonstarte their willingness to take risks? How does this contribute to their success as a team?
6. Do you think that there should be a sequel? What do you imagine will happen next?

Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid Discussion Questions

After reading Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid answer the following discussion questions:
1. James Moody's nickname is Stink. How do you think he got it? Do you have a nickname?
2. What type of adventures do you think Newton is having after escaping from the garbage disposal?
3. Stink's favorite president was James Madison. Who is yours and why?
4. Is Judy a good big sister to Stink?
5. Are you like Stink at all? How?
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