Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Big Nate Out Loud Discussion Questions

After reading Big Nate Out Loud, answer the following discussion questions:

1. This is a compilation of Nate’s adventures, rather than a story. Did you like it?
2. Could you tell the story without the illustrations? Can you read the story with only the illustrations?

3. Which was your favorite adventure?

4. Predict Nate’s future! Do you think that he will be a great person? What do you think he will be doing when he is 35? (Wouldn’t it be funny if he was a teacher?)

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Double Fudge Discussion Questions

After you have read Double Fudge, answer the following discussion questions:

1. Peter thinks that Fudge is obsessed with money. What does this mean? How does Fudge demonstrate his obsession? What do his parents do about this?

2. When cousin Howie and his family come to New York, Fudge gets to spend time with his cousin Mini. What “Fudge-like” adventures does Mini have? How does Fudge feel about his cousin Mini?

3. Do you have younger siblings? What do you like about them? What things annoy you?

4. This story was told from Peter’s point of view. How would it be different if Fudge told the story? How about Jimmy Fargo?

For more fun with Peter and Fudge, check out the first four books in the series:

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James and the Giant Peach Discussion Questions

After reading James and the Giant Peach, answer the following discussion questions:

1. What caused the old man to bestow the magic upon James?

2. What fairy tale is similar to James and the Giant Peach? In what way?

3. Tell how you are alike and different from James?

4. How did the Captain on the ship, Queen Mary, react when he saw the peach?

5. With all of the things that happened to James, what do you think was the best? The worst?

6. What are some things that would make a happy life for you?

Judy Moody Discussion Questions

After reading Judy Moody answer the following discussion questions:

1. How does Mr. Todd know Judy’s in a bad mood? What does he do to change her mood?

2. Why does Judy have so many band aids?

3. Why did Judy decide the family needed a new pet? What kind of pet did she want? Was that a good choice?

4. What did the toad do that made Judy and Rocky decide to make a secret club? What was the name of the club? How does Stink become a member?

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