Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ida B Discussion Questions

After you have read Ida B., answer the following discussion questions:
1. Why does Ida B go "talk" with the old tree when the young trees in her family's apple orchard tell her that hard times are headed her way?
2. Why does Ida B feel so upset that Ms. Myers, her kindergarten teacher, wants her to go by the name Ida instead of Ida B?
3. Ida B's teacher, Ms. Washington, wisely doesn't push Ida B to make friends or join games at recess. How does she finally break through Ida B's cold heart?
4. After Ida B makes her rounds and apologies to all those she had hurt by being mean, her attitude changes. Do Ida B's actions change as a result of her softer heart?
5. What do you imagine will happen to Ida B after the last chapter? Will she make friends?

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Anonymous said...

1. Because Pete. T told her that and the old tree always tells the truth.

2. Because Ida is also her mothers name.

3. She sits with her everyday and aks her if she has anything she wants to talk about.

4. Absolutely YES!!!!!

5. I think that she will make A bunch of great new FRIENDS !!!!

From Alexa