Monday, June 8, 2009

Rapunzel's Revenge Discussion Questions

After reading Rapunzel’s Revenge, answer the following discussion questions:

1. This book is a mixture of multiple formats– graphic novel, western, and fairy tale. Does it work?

2. Could you tell the story without the illustrations? Can you read the story with only the illustrations?

3. Rapunzel becomes a superhero with her long hair. What type of superhero powers would you like?

4. The authors are working on a sequel called Calamity Jack. What do you think will happen to Jack in this story?

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Anonymous said...

1. Yes,I think the different formats worked well together.
2. You need the illustrations and I could use only illustrations.
3. Strength.
4. I think Jack & Rapunzel will get married.


Anonymous said...

1.I Think That Rapunzels Revenge is A Mixture of Graphic Noels, Western, and Fairy Tale And it does work Goodly,

2.I Could Read The story without the Illustrations I Don't Think I Would know what Was going on if it was only the illustrations.

3.I would like to be able To Freeze Time for a superhero Power.

4. I Think That jack will Get Married To rapunzel < Or Annie!!!> And that book would talk about the life married