Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing Discussion Questions

After reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, answer the following discussion questions:

1. The story is told from Peter’s point of view. How would it be different if it were told from Fudge’s point of view?

2. With a little brother like Fudge hogging the spotlight, Peter feels insignificant. Have you ever felt like “nothing”? Share a time that you felt unimportant and how you snapped out of that feeling.

3. What were some of the tricks Peter and his parents played on Fudge to get him to behave properly? Was this fair to Fudge? Why or why not?

4. Compare the actions of Peter and the Yarbys, in the context of old-fashioned good manners. Are there different expectations of children and adults in terms of manners?

5. Why do you think Peter’s parents treat him differently than Fudge?

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