Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rules Discussion Questions

After you have read Rules, answer the following discussion questions:

1. Are rules necessary in some situations? What good purposes to they serve? When can rules be a negative thing?

2. Do you think it’s true that “Leaving out isn’t the same as lying?” If not, is it ever true?

3. Some of Catherine’s rules are what we might call “unwritten rules”. They are comments on how people behave, such as “Sometimes people don’t answer because they didn’t hear you. Other times it’s because they don’t want to hear you.” How do people learn these rules? Why do we have them?

4. If Catherine were to write a rule at the very end of the book, what do you think it would be?

5. Is Catherine a good friend? Why or why not?


Anonymous said...

1. Rules are necessary in some situations.
2. Rules are a good purpose because they keep you safe and they keep you out of trouble so yes. Yes I do think leaving out things is the same thing as lying because your leaving out things that you want to leave out.
3. People learn these rules by going to school and we have these rules Some people may take it the wrong way or a different way.
4. Catherine's rule would be to treat others the way you want to be treated.
5. Cathrine is a good friend because she helped her brother a lot and treats people nicely.


Anonymous said...

1. Rules are necessary in some situations because they tell you how things are supposed to be like.A good purpos rules serve is that they maintain peace and keep thing under control.Rules can be a negative thing when not everybody agrees with them.Also, when they go against your beliefs or something you think is right.Rules can be negative when they are used to do bad things.

2. I do think leaving out isn't the same as lying. I think this because even though you are leaving out some details, other detail could be true and helpful.
Lying is when you don't tell the truth. Leaving out is different from lying because some detail is left out.

3.Some people learn these rules from experience. We have these rules so people can see that not everybody is kind, and how people act.

4. If Catherine were to write a rule at the end of the book, I think it would be don't let the prejudice of others rule your life. I think this because Catherine worried about what people thought of David because he did'nt fit the worlds definition of "normal". She also decided to not tell Kristi about Jason's disabilities because she was afraid of what Kristi would think of her. Because of Catherine's fears, her friendships with Jason and Kristi seemed like they were about to end.This is what I think Catherine's rule would be.

5. I don't think Catherine is a good friend. i think this because Catherine didn't want to tell kristi the truth about jason because he wasn't "normal" and she was afraid of what krist would think of her. Also, she told an excuse to jason so she wouldn't have to introduce Jason to kristi at the dance. This is why i think Catherine isn't a good friend.