Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Talented Clementine Discussion Questions

After you have read The Talented Clementine, answer the following discussion questions:

1. The 3rd and 4th graders in Clementine's school are putting on a talent show. If you were participating in Talent-Palooza, Night of the Stars, what would be your act? What other talents do you have?

2. On page 78, Clementine's mom says buying the not very sensible purple "WOW" shoes is "one of the benefits of being a grown-up". What are some other benefits of being a grown-up? What are the benefits of being a child? Which do you think is better?

3. Clementine finally finds her talent with her attention to detail. Why does the audience applaud for Clementine, even though she wasn't in the show? Why was her role important?

4. Clementine felt that the Talent-Palooza was the luckiest day of her life. What was the luckiest day in your life?


Anonymous said...

1. Playing the piano
2. Adults can tell you what to do. Kids have more fun. I like being a kid better.
3. Clementine helped everybody with their talents. She was a part of the show.
4. I don't know.

By Ella

Meghan said...

1(My act would be to sing. Also my other talents are reading things beck words and basically I can just read really good,I can dace I had four years of dance hip hop and arrow. My other talents are of cores singing and drawing and the last talent I can THINK of is being a great actress!)

2(Some benefits of being a grown up is you have to wake up early if you have a job in the morning,You have to take care of your kids if you have some kids,You also have to pay taxes on TIME! Also you have to take care of your family and house. And benefits of a child is going to school,doing your homework,Being good or you will get punished,And the last think I can think of is doing what your Parents want you to do like chores and play with your brothers and sisters.And I think it is better to be a kid.)

3(Because she helped out in the talent show like by putting mats down just in case the people who were doing cartwheels fell off the stage. And her role was important because if she was not there the whole talent show would of been ruined.)

4(The luckiest day of my life was when my baby brother Ian was born on December 19.He is such a cute chubby boy and he just learned to clap on command and he is still trying to get his chubby body up to crawl.