Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The City of Ember Discussion Questions

After reading The City of Ember, answer the following questions:

1. Children choose their careers at the age of 12. Lina is excited to be a messenger and Doon is excited to go down in the Pipeworks. What type of career in Ember would you like to have? Why?

2. Lina discovers her friend Lizzie is accepting food from Looper who has stolen it from the storerooms. Why does Lina turn down the gifts that Lizzie offers? What food would you miss the most if you lived in Ember?

3. The mayor of Ember seems to be very corrupt. He limits the freedom of the townspeople, yet the townspeople accept his behavior. Why do they act this way? What would you do in their situation?

4. The power outages in Ember keep occurring and are getting longer. How would you prepare for not having light? What would you do during the power outages?

5. The City of Ember is the first book in a four-book series. The second book is called The People of Sparks. Do you think that you will read it? Why or why not?


bookboy24/7 said...

I would like to have the messenger job because I am fast and I am good with directions. I also think it would be fun to visit the new places where I have to send messages and to see what all of Ember is like.

Rob said...

#1 In the City Of Ember the type of career I would want would be messenger like Lina because I love running and I can get the message there fast.

#2 When Lina finds out Lizzie is accepting stolen food from Looper I think Lina turns down her gifts because she was scared she might get caught. If I lived in Ember I would miss peaches the most.

#3 The townspeople accepted the mayors behavior because they thought the mayor actually knew the way out and if I was there I would investigate it and help the town.

#4 I would prepare for power outages by keeping a flashlight with me and if i was caught in one i would freeze and stay put until the power went back on.

#5 I would want to read the People Of Sparks because I was really into the first book.